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Asset Maintenance

Asset Maintenance

LCS Landscapes are responsible for maintaining and establishing some of Adelaide’s most significant and iconic sites.

We have designated maintenance teams experienced in maintaining landscaping for Industrial Estates, Retirement Villages, Shopping Centres, Parklands, Reserves, Wetlands, Playgrounds, Streetscapes, Schools, Subdivisions, Sportsfields, and Residential Properties.

If required our maintenance crews are backed up by our construction teams and other company resources to reinforce our ability to modify or rectify landscapes quickly and with minimal disturbance. Also we are able to assist clients with small landscape projects that are identified through our maintenance services.

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Management and Reporting

An important part of managing any maintenance project is to maintain excellent communication with our clients. As well as a strong emphasis on responding quickly to our clients needs, we also put high importance on quality and keeping our clients immediately informed on progress or wherever immediate action needs to be taken.

We use an electronic information system for maintenance works carried which records chemicals used on site. This information is generated immediately via an iPad program by staff and is emailed directly to our clients from site. The reports document site conditions and chemicals used, including a photographic record on a regular basis to keep clients immediately informed with progress and activities on site.

Awareness of the environment we maintain

Our attention to detail, quality, responsiveness, and friendly manner are comments frequently used to describe our maintenance staffby our clients.

As well as being contracted for periods of one to two years to establish new landscapes following our construction, we also maintain sites for extended periods and takeover maintenance projects that were constructed by others. We have long term contracts of some high profile Industrial Estates in Adelaide. Keeping the landscaping looking healthy, weed free and neat is important to the businesses that operate within.

We believe careful maintenance during the plant establishment period of a juvenile wetland is critical for its long term success. Inhibiting aquatic weeds like Typha from smothering new plantings and the monitoring and adjustment of water levels are two actions that we can control. Once the ecosystem has developed over the first few years our monitoring and ongoing maintenance will keep the wetland healthy.

Asset Maintenance


  • Herbaceous and woody weed control
  • Lawn mowing
  • Structural and formative pruning
  • Fertilising and soil treatments
  • Pest management
  • Repair and renovation of landscape
  • structures, furniture and fixtures
  • Planting and mulching
  • Irrigation monitoring
  • Tractor slashing
  • Wetland care
  • Tree removal
  • Dead wooding
  • Turf management
  • General maintenance


Bevan Farrell
Asset Maintenance Manager
0417 413 631
Robert Samuel-White
Maintenance Operations Supervisor
0488 007 611
Anthony Jennings
0407 877 587