Civil and Commercial

As a major landscape contractor, we are capable of undertaking all levels of construction including highly detailed major projects through to small and simple civil and commercial projects. Strong project management, efficient work practices, a large qualified and passionate workforce, and specialised machinery with experienced operators enable us to complete multiple projects of high quality, on time and within budget. Whether the construction is won through the Tendering process, a Design+Construct process, or we are nominated as the preferred contractor, our ISO 9001 Quality Management System enables all our construction projects big and small to be carried out to the same high level of service and detail.

Major Projects

We specialise in high profile and highly detailed landscape projects where accuracy and attention to detail are critical.

Our strong focus on quality and safety during construction, along with our proven management practices and procedures enable us to carry out these projects successfully.

When we need to engage our subcontractors to carry out specialised works, we only work with companies that align with our values and policies.

We have won many awards for landscape construction of major projects including Marshmallow Park and the Adelaide Zoo Panda Enclosure.

Infrastructure Projects

Successful completion of landscaping projects for major infrastructure projects over many years including the Port River Expressway, Southern Expressway, and Seaford Rail Extension, has reinforced our reputation as industry leaders in this sector.

Our large workforce and machinery resource base enable us to undertake extensive works in short time frames.

LCS Landscapes are aligned with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) We are pre-qualified in the following categories.

  • General Landscape Construction (L1,L2)
  • Irrigation (L1,L2)
  • Revegetation (L1,L2)
  • Bushcare (L1,L2)
  • Woody Weed Control (L1,L2)
  • Herbaceous Weed Control (L1,L2)
  • Landscape Maintenance (L1,L2)

General Construction

As well as major projects we also construct landscapes of all sizes, for our Commercial clients.

Our clients include Landscape Architects, Government Bodies, Civil Contractors, Builders and Developers in the private sector.

With our large resource base and our integrated management system, we are able to undertake multiple projects of varying size and complexity at the same time without compromising quality. This means that all our projects are audited internally and signed off for quality and accuracy prior to client handover, no matter how large or small.

Our construction staff carry a ‘white card’, and are licenced, qualified, ticketed, accredited, certified or have been formally trained for the work they perform. They also have permits or clearances to enable access to site areas as required.

Our machinery and equipment is updated regularly and is fully maintained for productivity and safety on site for our staff and third parties.

Irrigation Systems

Our irrigation installers are licenced to construct large pipe systems for commercial operations.
Along with our experienced Irrigation designers and support staff we are able to provide a full range of irrigation services in-house.

This includes sprinkler and dripper systems for large and small commercial sites, large infrastructure projects, ovals and reserves, streetscapes, and even temporary systems for planting and grass establishment.

Our designers use IrriCAD and AutoCAD software for ‘Construction’ and ‘As Built’ drawing documentation.

With our designated irrigation teams working across all of our projects, we can be confident that our systems work efficiently and effectively during construction, into the maintenance period and once handed over to the client.

Civil and Commercial Construction Services include

    • All hard and soft landscaping
    • Minor Civil works
    • Major infrastructure projects
    • Mining projects
    • Advanced tree plantings
    • Irrigation systems
    • Rockwork
    • Structural and non-structural concrete
    • Timber structures
    • Steel structures
    • Street furniture and equipment
    • Pavements
    • Walling
    • Design & construct projects
Tim Mead
General Manager
Phone: 0459 859 315
Tom Atkins
Commercial Manager
Phone: 0402 715 267