Design and Construct

A Design & Construct Contractor like ourselves have the expertise to develop a design and build the project from start to finish to meet any budget.

There are many benefits in choosing a Design & Construct Contractor including;

  • Construction experience is vital for good design
  • The client is able to communicate with the same person from the early design phase through to building completion
  • Designs are based on build-ability and best construction practice through build experience
  • The ability of the project team to understand the design intent and make decisions on-site during the build for the benefit of the project without lengthy delays due to multiple approval processes

Our Design & Construct projects exceed expectation because of our ability to work closely with all stakeholders from the initial design conception, through to design development, construction, and then establishment, Our clients can be confident that all projects are designed by an experienced team with both a strong design and construction background to ensure buildability, budget compliance, and flexibility throughout all stages of the project.

Our Design & Constructability has seen us work with Large Commercial Builders, Civil Contractors, Architects, Councils, Government Departments, and Private Enterprises to deliver outstanding projects at exceptional value for money.

LCS approach to Design + Construct projects

Construction experience can not be under-estimated when designing any landscape project. Knowing we will build the project when we are designing it, enables us to consider important factors that would otherwise be unknown until it is too late (ie. after works begin on-site). Factors including, determining the best and most efficient construction methods, what resources are available and their capabilities, optimum material freight sizes, and site restrictions, are all considered during the design phase, therefore, saving our clients money initially, and also preventing variations during the build.

Dependant on our clients needs and budget, we offer full CAD documentation including irrigation system design and landscape element detail with the specification.

The 4 Key Stages

    1. Think – Every project is unique and the scoping phase of any job creates the solid foundations on which all other stages of the project rest. In accordance with initial briefings and in close consultation with all stakeholders, we develop a strategy that will provide ideal results and optimum value for our client.
    2. Plan – This process involves careful planning and much research. Here we look closely at all aspects of the project, exploring the most efficient and effective ways of reaching the goals we set for ourselves in Stage One.
    3. Create – Once construction plans have been finalised, the building on-site phase begins. Throughout every stage of the process, construction in particular, on-site safety, quality, and protection of the environment are our highest priorities.
    4. Maintain – The maintenance stage is important to ensure a successful project. This is our chance to nurture the plants, establish lawns, ensure the integrity of all building, earthworks and infrastructure, and provide the client with an ongoing maintenance plan.
Steve Kindstrom
Registered Landscape Architect
Phone: 0448 075 035