Playspaces & Nature Play


When it comes to fun, affordability, and longevity we believe the best playgrounds are nature playgrounds.

Recent research suggests that natural play spaces are more beneficial to childhood development than modern pre-formed playground equipment. According to researchers, children are exposed to more opportunities to develop gross motor skills, improve cognitive function, and increase creativity in a natural play environment.

Unfortunately, many modern playgrounds have become sterile, predictable spaces, great for adults but limited to the primary user… kids. Clean, neat and too safe, playgrounds have moved too far in this direction in recent years, with materials such as large rocks and logs being deemed dangerous objects and removed. The truth is these objects are no more dangerous than prefabricated tables and benches on a concrete slab, but they are a lot more fun and interesting for children.

A ‘Nature play space’ incorporates natural materials such as sand, rocks, logs, timber, water, grass, plants and soil within a well designed and constructed landscape. Built to allow healthy risk in a safe environment, and the room and flexibility to encourage children to develop their own ideas of play.

Design + Construct Nature Play Spaces

A Design + Construct Contractor has the expertise to develop a design then following through with building a project from start to finish. There are many benefits in choosing a Design + Construct Contractor especially when looking for the best ‘Nature play space’ outcome.
These include;

  • Construction experience. This is vital for good design
  • Communication. The client communicates with one person from the early design phase through to completion.
  • Due to the random characteristics of natural materials, a strong relationship between the designer and construction team ensures that discussions and changes can happen quickly for the best outcome of the project.
  • Designs are based on buildability and best construction experience.
  • The project team understands the design intent and can make decisions on-site for the benefit of the project without lengthy delays from multiple approval processes.

LCS Landscapes and Nature Play

When we started building natural outdoor classrooms, and play spaces for schools over ten years ago we didn’t think about improving children’s cognitive function and gross-motor skills, we thought back to when we were children and what we thought was fun and exciting. Fun mixed with usability for teachers, low maintenance requirements and affordability, were the key ingredients we used and
still use today.

Our success is due to;

  • Being a Design + Construct Contractor
  • Experienced, trained and certified playspace designers and installers and inspectors
  • Construction staff with carpentry and rock and stone masonry skills
  • Machine operators with skills in working in confined spaces with natural materials
  • South Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association (SACPPA) sponsors
  • South Australian Primary Principals Association (SAPPA) sponsors
  • We are licensed builders and we design and build to current Australian Standards
  • Project team members hold a Catholic Schools Police Clearance
  • Access to the best materials at the best buying power

Note; our same construction crews can also supply, install, and maintain any traditional fixed playground equipment.

Steve Kindstrom
Registered Landscape Architect
Phone: 0448 075 035