Cobbler Creek Playspace

Constructed 2016

LCS Landscapes in collaboration with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) and Birdseye Studios constructed the main adventure playground ‘Kites and Kestrels’ within the Cobbler creek recreation park.

The recreation park is situated in Salisbury East and is a popular destination for bush walking and mountain biking. The park also plays an important role in conserving some of Adelaide’s rare woodland and grassland habitats. It also links to a wider network of hiking and mountain bike trails.

Landscape works constructed within the adventure playground include bespoke climbing structures in the form of raptors nests, a new playground including a flying fox and picnic area. A large sandpit ‘nest’ sits within the playground. This all sits within an area of large existing Eucalypts and open grassland across a sloping site.

The construction of custom made play elements and manufactured play equipment allows for a wide variety of play opportunities for all.

LCS Landscapes is one of the most technically experienced and advanced playspace developers in South Australia. We were grateful to the Department