Lockleys North Primary School

Construction – LCS Landscapes
Design – LCS Landscapes

Approached by the schools representatives Tyson and Rosemary in August 2014 we were asked to design a natureplay space within the schools central courtyard. They had seen an excellent opportunity to breathe life into the area which had simply been bitumen for the past 30 years.

The design aimed to capture the fundamentals of nature with trees for shade, natural elements and interpretive features found in nature.

Posing conceptually as a creek bed, the central path allows movement though the space and also provides passage for any stormwater that falls within the adjacent basketball courts.

A rock amphitheatre, timber stage and passive learning area make up the central zone with active play encouraged to the outer zones in order to achieve a balanced flow of play. The outer zone comprises of a large flat lawn with a rolling mound and an assortment of natural materials which aim to provide a variety of challenge.

Construction started the first week of school holidays to avoid the impact of heavy machinery during school hours whilst the finer details of work were completed early in the term. These works proved to engage the children and created excitement leading up to its official opening on the 18th of November.

With this project the school set out to give the kids and exciting environment that creates play and learning opportunities in a space inspired by nature. We feel that the planning & quality of this project ticks all of the boxes and adds value for the school and the children.