Noarlunga Downs Wetland Sanctuary

Completed in March 2014, the Noarlunga Downs Wetland Sanctuary is a 16 hectare site situated in the Onkaparinga Estuary of Noarlunga Downs, sited directly adjacent to the Seaford Rail Bridge.

This section of the estuary has been converted from a disused waste water treatment catchment to a highly functional working wetland/ biodiversity hub providing habitat for many animals including migratory birds. The area will also provide improved amenities and connect into the stormwater catchment for the southern districts.

Our role included the planting and monitoring of almost 200,000 plants comprising of 75 different aquatic and terrestrial species of local provenance. Plants were specifically grouped into zones and particular species mixes at the time of planting. We then had the added task of designing and delivering the water level markers which assist the ongoing monitoring & maintenance programme of the wetland.

Since the introduction of plant life the 16 hectare site has become a sanctuary for birds and frogs that continue to return to the area and flourish.

The planted zones rely almost exclusively on rainfall and the water within the wetland itself. With planting taking place during the warmer months of the year, we closely managed water levels within the individual basins and applied supplementary water to ensure the success of the project.