Olive Grove Wetland

The Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) wetland was the first of its kind for this council. The primary goal was to deliver positive environmental outcomes and an aesthetically pleasing site in anticipation of ongoing projects of a similar nature. The public and non-council government bodies had much input and were resolute in their desired outcomes. The site was to be a functional ASR wetland as well as a usable and educational public space for schools and the general public.

After winning the initial tender we presented our concept to the client which included a significant increase in aquatic plant numbers and species, inclusion of grassed areas, inclusion of large complementary garden beds and a comprehensive maintenance program. This proposal was accepted and executed.

We were to supply and install the original contract amount of plants and source and install the additional aquatic and terrestrial plants totaling over 30,000 stems.  All aquatic stems were netted using duck netting to protect from large numbers of avifauna present on site.

We installed a sub-surface irrigation system to the batter of Pond A to irrigate the ephemeral plants within this zone, to be used for the first 2 summers.

Large garden bed areas throughout the site were marked and cultivated with organic compost since the soil type (red cracking clay) is very dry. These beds were planted out, mulched and manually watered for a period of 12 months to aid in plant establishment.

The remaining open areas were seeded with a dry land grass blend to provide continuity of the overall landscape and allow natural rainfall to germinate and promote initial growth.

Over the following 3 years the wetland was carefully maintained by our staff and is now maintained as needed by us. Over the past 12 months, 3 large replant and netting operations have been undertaken to in-fill gaps and areas damaged by on-going maintenance works on the ASR plumbing system within the site.

Our maintenance crew enjoy working on this successful wetland as the fruits of our labour are there to be seen. The site is in constant use by the public and by schools for educational purposes. Most importantly the ASR system is working and returning clean water to the aquifer.