Roy Marten Park

What kidsinadelaide.com.au had to say about our landscaping construction:
“The great thing about this playground is that it caters for ALL age groups. Something we love for Adelaide families as it keeps everyone happy oh and occupied. The equipment is quite spread out and has been zoned for ages. It incorporates lots of challenging climbing structures for the older kids and has a toddler play area along with sand pit and water play for the younger ones. As soon as you arrive at the playground you are greeted with a large red rope twin tower rope structure that leads to an amazing tubular, long, twisty slide”.


Roy Marten Park has been a reserve/ park since the 1940s. It is an iconic and much-loved space that shares a lot of history with the local community on the Le Fever Peninsular over many decades.

In the 1960s the site was used by Broken Hill Mining Corporation as a camp site for its employees during holiday periods. Elements of this history have been carried through in the newly constructed landscape.

Key findings from an Open Space master planning exercise and extensive community consultation in 2014-2016 found that the community wanted;

  • An improved connection to the Esplanade and White Hollow Reserve.
  • A dog Park and connecting walking paths throughout the Park.
  • Improvements and development of Roy Marten park as a destination to the area again, with new playspaces, new carpark, shelters, general landscape and amenities upgrades.

The results and attention to detail during construction and the finished project have well exceeded the client’s expectations. During the construction, the contractor worked closely with the client to work through and resolve any issues as they arose.

New links and connections to the foreshore, new extensive play opportunities, with many new pieces of challenging and engaging equipment help define this Park. The technical nature of installing some of these pieces was extremely complex and difficult.

Shade structures, water play, BBQs and site amenities, Basket Ball court, lush open play areas, extensive plantings, decks and seating areas, fitness trail and more all intertwine to add to the vibrancy of this newly constructed project.

The redevelopment was funded through the client’s budget, along with a State – Local Government Infrastructure Partnership Grant.

Construction works began in late 2017, and was undertaken in two stages, with Stage 3+4 works completed in August 2018.

With the opening of this Park it has already become a destination for locals and many others to visit and explore, play and relax.