Seaford Rail

The Seaford Railway Extension Project created a further 5.7km of dual track rail line from the Noarlunga Centre Station to the Seaford District Centre. The project included new stations, park’n’ride facilities, bus interchanges, and bridges including a 1.2 kilometre elevated rail bridge over the Onkaparinga Valley.

Through this project LCS Landscapes in collaboration with Jeffries introduced the “Ecoblanket’ landscape system into South Australia. This system, further developed through onsite testing, was successful in establishing landscaping to the challenging sections along the railway corridor.

Landscape treatments included.

Over 100,000m2 of revegetated zones along the rail corridor (133,000 plants and mulching)

Over 80,000m2 of Hydroseeded zones

Over 65,000m2 of Eco-Blanket treatment

Over 28,000m2 of amenity landscaping carried out to the stations and surrounds.

Consideration in regards to railway safety and awareness, Aboriginal heritage, soil erosion prevention, construction logistics, and overcoming restricted access, enforced by strong project management was vital to ensure a successful and safe outcome