St. Gabriel’s Primary School

Construction – LCS Landscapes
Design – LCS Landscapes

LCS landscapes have developed several landscape projects in collaboration with St Gabriel’s School over many years including the recently completed ‘Indigenous landscape’ and the ‘Asian contemplation garden’.

These spaces reflect the school’s desire to create meaningful external spaces for students and teachers that can be used for both play and learning environments in a truly flexible way.

Indigenous landscape

This space was designed as an outdoor learning area where children and teachers can gather amongst seating rocks woven through the landscape.

The use of indigenous plantings in the landscape provides a visual and tactile tool for teaching students about local plant uses in aboriginal culture.

The large seating rocks, advanced plants and mounded grassed areas provide opportunities for open ended play during breaks while linking the space to the main oval.

Asian contemplation garden

The Asian contemplation garden sits adjacent the senior primary school classrooms.

This space has been designed as a mindfulness, contemplative environment. The school uses beanbags to create flexible seating areas for reading and quiet time. The advanced bamboo provides shelter, greenery and a sensory experience while nestled around the Asian inspired ‘moon’ arbour.

From all reports this space very popular as it allows students to experience a quiet thoughtful space outdoors close to their classrooms.

Adjoining is an Asian inspired waterplay zone. Water flows from a large rock ‘Spring’ and down along a series of half round bamboo water channels before splashing onto a huge slab of bluestone. The water then runs across the slab in to a vegetated detention basin filled with Cyperus vaginatus.

This waterplay encourages children to use their imagination to conjure up endless possibilities of playing, harnessing and using water through this playspace.