St John the Apostle School

Construction – LCS Landscapes
Design – LCS Landscapes

In mid-2013 we were engaged by the school to create a playspace to enhance an area to the south end of the oval. The playspace needed to have a strong ‘Natureplay’ theme and create a connection between the school buildings, oval and the play areas.

The design included a multi-level timber deck which allows direct access between the main building and the play areas whilst creating opportunity for class activities via the covered top section of deck. A middle and lower deck provide access to a rock waterfall and sand play area and opens out to the rest of the play area.

The main play area incorporates natural elements like logs, rocks and a series of soil mounds with both passive sitting areas and active play areas.

Custom play elements such as rope play and a sand drawing table have been constructed by using both natural logs and modern construction materials.

Under the direction and consultation with the school LCS has taken this project through all stages of design and construction including engineering, certification, planning and approval. This once empty area of the school is now a great nature play space for the children to explore, learn and play.