St Margaret Mary’s Preschool

Construction – LCS Landscapes
Design – LCS Landscapes

Upon completion of St Margaret Mary’s new multi-storey preschool building, we were engaged by the school to design and construct the outdoor play-space.

Designing a predominantly natural environment for the children in a space surrounded by brickwork, multiple access points and limited sunlight brought various challenges such as drainage and levels, interconnecting pathways, positioning of features, plants and grass. The school also wanted a vast complement of play elements, all of which had to be squeezed in. Multiple surface treatments were used to provide variety and longevity. A cooling concept was developed with Bangalow palms, waterfall play, and timber viewing platforms all set against a striking rainforest spray art mural.

The waterfall was designed for interactive play. Children can work together manually operating 2 bilge pumps to create water flow down the waterfall which in turn wets the play sand below. The waterfall water is recycled, stored in tanks below the timber deck structure.

Plant species were chosen based on low water requirements, high fun factor, shade forming, hardwearing, and vibrant colour. The inclusion of a vegetable garden creates an entertaining element allowing the children learn about growing food and sustainability.