Stebonheath Wetlands

The purpose of the wetland is to recycle storm water and recharge the aquifer as part of the City of Playford’s Aquifer Storage and Recovery program (ASR).

Our works consisted of planting 203,740 aquatic and ephemeral plants, duck netting to all plantings, installing a sub-surface irrigation system to batter plantings, plus wetland establishment.

Planting was conducted during Winter 2009 which led to a number of difficulties such as flooding, over-filling of the wetlands, inclement weather for staff, access and site movement, safety and environmental concerns such as silt deposition – all of which were overcome with a clean Injury and Incident sheet.

Planting zones included reed beds, deep pool, high batter and low batter. At the end of each reed bed planting the bed was netted using star droppers, fencing wire and bird netting to prevent avifauna from grazing and browsing on the plants. A total of 23,000m² of netting was installed over the entire planting zone.

We are overwhelmed by the success of this project, as is the client and adjacent school. The project’s success is attributed to our sound plant and horticultural knowledge, efficiency on site and a thorough maintenance regime to keep pest plants out of the water body.