Techport Australia NLP Streetscape

This section of landscaping forms part of the greater Northern Lefevre Peninsula (NLP)

Masterplan which aims to develop an open space network providing a combination of conservation areas, landscaped buffers and passive recreation facilities such as pedestrian and cycling trails and playgrounds.

Among the many and varied responsibilities our early works included pathway installation, soil amelioration, planting and mulching. Initial soil testing revealed a lack of nutrients and a high level of salt within our garden areas. To treat these deficiencies prior to planting, soil leaching was carefully carried out at the beginning of the build.

With wind and soil salt content being a challenging factor on the NLP we left nothing to chance. Ongoing maintenance and testing are carried out on a regular basis to guarantee healthy establishment for the vast quantities of indigenous plants we have installed.

With an experienced team that understands the sensitivity of the NLP, we used our expertise and capabilities to restore and build upon this landscape for people and local wildlife to live and enjoy for generations to come.