WPE Waterprooing the East Project Felixstow

Awarded the 2019 Master Landscapers of South Australia Award for Most Environmentally Sensitive Project

The project aims to reduce spending on local reserve irrigation, enabling effective greening of the suburbs, as well as, enhancing the quality of water being used. This three-pronged management also provides a broader advantage to the wider Adelaide area. By retaining and reusing the natural water cycle captured the impact of stormwater movement on the greater Adelaide area, including the Adelaide’s coastal environments, is reduced as the volume of urban runoff that flows into the sea is reduced.

The scope of works undertaken includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Minor trimming/ profiling and detailed level workaround headwalls and other structures.
  • All planting within the wetland and biofilters.
  • Semi permeant irrigation system for the establishment of plants.
  • Hydroseeding.
  • Final construction elements of biofilters including jute matting.
  • Placement of rock work path connecting through wetland
  • Biofilter construction at two sites one adjacent the wetland the other located off-site adjacent O.G. Road within the pumping and storage facility.