Many years servicing regional and remote centres of Australia have given our designated team the vital experience and adaptability required to be accepted into the communities they work in.

Our experience has been obtained from successfully designing and building landscape projects in Capital Cities, major Regional Centres, large and small Townships, and some of the most remote communities of Australia.

The logistics and challenges that often come from these projects is what drives our passion to create award-winning sustainable landscapes in areas deemed too difficult by others.

Remote Communities

Creating spectacular landscapes in even the most remote locations of Australia is possible, we know because we have done it time and time again.
We understand what it takes to work with the Community, its people and its surrounds to safely create a space that will be respected, sustainable, successful, and empowering.

Working together, sharing skills and ideas, our clients become our friends and this opens up communication allowing discussions on the landscapes progress and providing maintenance advice.

Design + Construct

Construction experience can not be under-estimated when designing any landscape project, especially in remote locations. Knowing we will build the project when we are designing it, enables us to consider important factors that would otherwise be unknown until it is too late and works begin on site. Factors including, determining the best and most efficient construction methods, what local resources are available and their capabilities, optimum material freight sizes, and site restrictions, are all considered during the design phase, therefore, saving our clients money initially, and also preventing very expensive variations during the build.

Tendered Construction Projects

As-well as constructing our own Design + Construct projects we have also constructed many projects interstate and throughout regional Australia through the tender process. Working with local suppliers and specialised subcontractors is a priority, but if the projects quality, safety or reliability is potentially jeopardised, the strong relationships developed with our own proven subcontractors and suppliers enables us to offer competitive pricing for all landscape works, whether in Adelaide or away.


Ruppia seed translocation in the Coorong, wetland construction and maintenance in Victoria’s Riverina, woody and herbaceous weed control throughout the Yorke Peninsula, Murray River rejuvenation in NSW, are just a few of the things that we do.

We have the experience and expertise to safely and responsibly undertake works successfully to a high level of quality, whilst also respecting the local environment.

Regional Services Include

  • Design & construct projects
  • Remote Communities landscaping
  • Woody & herbaceous weed control
  • Environmental projects
  • Civil & Commercial projects
  • Mining sites
  • Vertebrate pest control
  • Hydroseeding
  • Playground equipment
  • Trail construction
  • Irrigation
  • Domestic projects
  • Maintenance
Tim Mead
General Manager
Phone: 0459 859 315
Tom Atkins
Commercial Manager
Phone: 0402 715 267