We have extensive knowledge of all things turf here at LCS landscapes and we offer a diverse range of maintenance and construction services from design, costings, irrigation, implication, grow in and ongoing maintenance.

We are experts in turf maintenance, we can tailor programs for all applications including high-level sports fields, council reserve turf areas, school ovals, even golf courses. All aspects of maintenance are undertaken including mowing, renovation, topdressing, weed, pest and disease identification and control, and fertilization.

We offer a consultation service which can include soil testing and disease analysis to help discover underlying issues and get your turf performing to its highest possible level.

Renovation of turf surfaces

To provide a green, healthy lawn or playing surfaces it is vital to provide the plant with the tools that it needs to flourish. The root system of the grass needs to be readily supplied with both water and air to perform at its best. This can be achieved by the renovation of the surface.

Below are descriptions of the different processes involved.

Hollow/solid tine aeration

Hollow tine aeration allows oxygen, water and nutrients to freely penetrate the soil and root system of the plant. This is achieved by running a tractor-mounted aerator over the surface. The machine punches holes into the area at a specified depth and width removing small plugs of the profile, this can be broken up to self top dress the area if the soil is suitable. For poorer soil, the waste can be removed to be replaced with a more suitable top dressing. If a profile will not allow for plugs to be removed or the main problem is a soil compaction issue, then we may suggest solid tinning the area to relieve surface tension.


A major issue with a lot of turf areas is the buildup of thatch. This layer can hinder cutting heights and cause areas to be scalped while mowing. This spongy layer can also inhibit the standard of sports turf effecting both playability and safety. Another issue with the build-up of thatch is that it inhibits the flow of nutrients, oxygen and water, as well as being a breeding ground for pests and diseases.

Thatch can be removed through the process of scarification; this is when machine mounted vertical blades are run through the surface lifting and removing thatch from the area.


Topdressing is an extremely useful tool in the preparation of Sports turf fields and lawns. Topdressing can be performed after hollow tine aeration to replace the removed profile. Topdressing of a surface can be performed heavily in the spring and at lighter rates through summer and autumn to aid in thatch reduction and smooth an uneven surface.


Green, healthy lawns or sports fields cannot be achieved without the right nutrition. Here at LCS Landscapes, we can tailor a plant nutrition plan to suit your specific needs.

Weeds, pests and disease control

Weeds, pests and diseases can cause havoc on any grass area. Here at LCS we can analyze the area using our expertise and utilizing testing methods to decide the problem we are dealing with and the best way of treating the issue.

Instant turf

When an area of turf needs replacing, or you are starting from scratch and looking for a fast result, instant turf can be the answer. Our teams can prepare the area by bringing in the correct soil and applying any aggregates required. Turf can be laid by hand using traditional size rolls for smaller areas or for larger areas, Maxi rolls can be laid mechanically.


Hydroseeding is a great way to apply grass seed to any large area. The seed is applied in a mix of paper mulch and water. The paper mulch helps to maintain moisture around the seed to aid with the germination process.

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