At LCS Landscapes we like to leave our mark as we strive to balance the needs of people with the needs of nature. Our solid reputation as an industry leader is built on this thoughtful approach to every project.

From initial briefings through to job completion we aim to minimise our on-site impact, working with nature rather than against, at the same time providing clients with well-defined, highly functional spaces.

As a progressive landscaping organisation, we’re deeply committed to preserving and, where possible, restoring vulnerable eco-systems. We research the locations in which we’re working, identifying ways to help these systems thrive.

From our dedicated management team through to our experienced horticulturists, builders and designers – we’re passionate about creating and maintaining landscapes that offer significant benefits to those utilising the space. Be it private spaces where a sense of peace and calm is paramount, a public place where families can play, explore and reconnect with nature, or major commercial and infrastructure projects, our mission is to provide individuals, businesses and government with unique and sustainable landscape solutions.