With over twenty years of specialised experience, the LCS Landscapes Design and Construct team brings exceptional quality in both design and execution.

Our Landscape Architects collaborate with clients to develop comprehensive design solutions, transforming visions into reality.

Key benefits of our approach include:

  • Integration of vast construction knowledge with superior design.
  • Direct client involvement throughout the design, construction, and handover phases.
  • A commitment to functional, pragmatic design solutions with a focus on constructability and a quality finish.
  • Strong internal communication ensuring quality outcomes, efficient decision-making, and effective project administration.

Our design and construct model is tailored to exceed the high expectations of our clients. From initial site analysis to design development and construction, our team ensures meticulous attention to design rigor, budget adherence, constructability, and compliance.

Every project, big or small, receives our full dedication.



Good communication is an important factor in achieving the best design that matches your construction budget and vision.

We will ask the following questions asked to help establish a project design brief and establish a design fee:

  • What are the main ambitions?
  • Is there a time frame for the project?
  • Are there any specific requests?
  • How big is the area?
  • What is the budget?


Our team will meet with you on-site to discuss ideas and gather all the necessary information to prepare your concept design.

A site measure is essential as part of the consultation process, with key site features and services noted as these items can impact the final design.

We explore the practical and aesthetical needs for your space during the on-site consultation, including function and budget.


Brainstorming is the first step in developing a concept for the area. In this part of the process, it is essential to see possibilities instead of obstacles to ensure the best and most creative vision.

Our team will convert the ideas acquired during the consultation, combined with our experience and creative insight, to sketches before one concept moves forward for further development.


Our team will submit this final concept design for review and approval with a construction quotation.

Upon agreeing to the quotation, a construction program will be submitted, which outlines the activities and durations and how it works with your project site requirements.