Our Minor Works Division is tailor-made for quick-turnaround projects, offering essential support across our landscape and construction services.


• Turf installation, renovation, and care.

• All types of fencing.

• Landscape enhancements.

• Paving installation and repairs.

• Irrigation system overhauls and improvements.

• Construction of small play areas, timber, and decking.

Through their years of experience, our Minor Works team are a crucial part of our service offering, adding value with rapid response and execution of smaller projects.

We adhere strictly to the latest codes and regulations, thanks to our up-to-date building licenses.

We proudly serve a diverse range of clients and stakeholders, including:

  • Local Government: Both Metropolitan and Regional Councils.
  • State and Federal Government Departments.
  • Educational facilities: From Preschools to Secondary Schools.
  • Retirement and Aged Care Communities.
  • Commercial and Industrial Entities.

Our commitment to quality, swift execution, and adherence to standards makes our Minor Works Division a trusted partner for a broad array of clients.