LCS Landscapes is an industry leader in providing a wide range of environmental services to Councils, Government Departments, Mining, Private Business and Landholders.

Our Staff are skilled, experienced, and passionate. They take great pride in their work and excel in making a positive contribution to improving the health, restoration and biodiversity of Australia’s ecosystems while helping clients with current and accurate advice and service.

With a minimal impact approach, we offer a wide range of services at competitive rates.

Project Management

An important part of managing any project is to maintain excellent communication with our clients. We use electronic reporting
systems for chemicals used on sites. This is a daily report that is generated via an iPad program and is emailed directly to clients
from the site. This report documents site conditions and chemical use, as well a photographic record on a regular basis to keep clients
immediately informed with progress and activities on site.

Services also include setting up of photo points, GPS waypoints and written reports on-site conditions, recommended monitoring
and follow up treatments.

Roadside & Broad Acre Herbicide Application

We are experienced in controlling weed species from roadside spraying, in Bush-For-Life sites, coast care sites, national parks and
various regional and metropolitan Council reserves.

Vertebrate Pest Control

Services we offer include humane box trapping, fumigation, laying of baits, monitoring, and reporting with GPS coordinates. Our
team are licenced for full pest management and vertebrate control. Our Firearms licence has been upgraded by SAPOL to include
vertebrate pest control

Woody & Herbaceous Weed Control

Our licenced spray technicians are accustomed to both broadacre and sensitive site spraying. Our team has extensive experience spraying in sensitive and bush care sites, minimising off-target damage to desired species. Examples of weed species controlled include Bridal veil, Coolatai, Olive, Boxthorn, African daisy, Agave and other succulent species, Weeping broom, Blackberry, Ash, and Willow.

Boxthorn Treatment

Our staff are accustomed to working in remote locations. Previous experience includes consecutive periods of Boxthorn control over 4 years throughout the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia. We have worked extensively with National Parks and private landholders. Methods involved cutting plants back to the stump and swabbing with glyphosate.

Other Services Include

    • Consulting
    • Olive removal and treatment
    • Remote location weed control and revegetation
    • Bushcare and sensitive site works
    • Coastcare
    • Terrestrial revegetation
    • Wetland and riparian revegetation
    • Erosion control
    • Hydroseeding
    • Fire fuel load reduction and removal
    • Trail construction
    • Biological Surveys
    • Written reports with photo reference points
    • Maintenance
Matt Daniel
Environmental Services Manager
Phone: 0407 010 605