Hydroseeding/Hydromulching is an alternative method of seed broadcasting used in lieu of traditional direct or drill seeding. Hydroseeding is an effective seeding method and has advantages in areas which have topographical, geographical, size, access, and environmental restrictions.

LCS Landscapes is an industry leader in providing a wide range of environmental services to Councils, Government Departments, Mining, Private Business and Landholders.

Hydroseeding Process

The slurry is made from a mixture of clean newspaper (free of contaminants), Guar gum (a natural binding agent), seed (to client requirements or contract specification), and clean water. All mixed to the correct ratio. Green colour dye can also be added to help distinguish areas seeded. The slurry provides a consistent seed distribution throughout the mix. Strength and stability are obtained from the binder and paper. The slurry is broadcast using hoses or a high-volume canon mounted on the rear of the vehicle. Hoses are generally used on reserves, restricted smaller areas, and where a 100% even coverage is required. The canon is used for vast area coverage, steep/vertical batters, limited access zones, and where cover crops need to be broadcast in minimal timeframes.

Vehicle Specifications

Our vehicle is a custom made storage and mixing unit, mounted on a 4WD 2009 Isuzu flat bed truck. The mixing and storage unit has a capacity of 6000 Litres, which allows for greater operation time between tank refills. The mixing unit is a 1500 Litre tank with a blender style internal prop, powered by a Perkins Diesel motor. The motor also provides hydraulics to the centrifugal pump which supplies the hydroseed slurry and water from the 4500 Litre water storage tank to the mixing tank. Multiple hose lengths of 30m, 60m and 90m and a high-volume canon (40m reach) are fitted for the application of the slurry.

Dust Suppression

Hydroseeding as a dust suppressant provides a longer lasting solution compared to water alone. Depending on future requirements of the space, seed can be included or left out of the process. This method of dust control provides environment benefits from less water being used in the process.


During hot dry periods of the year where hydroseeding is best deferred. Our hydroseeding truck is cleaned ready to assist our water trucks with plant and grass establishment on other projects This option also enables us to both offer hydroseeding and watering from the same vehicle.

Other Environmental Services Include

  • Consulting
  • Olive removal and treatment
  • Remote location weed control and revegetation
  • Bushcare and sensitive site works
  • Coastcare
  • Terrestrial revegetation
  • Wetland and riparian revegetation
  • Erosion control
  • Hydroseeding
  • Fire fuel load reduction and removal
  • Trail construction
  • Vertebrate pest control
  • Biological Surveys
  • Written reports with photo reference points
  • Maintenance

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