Birkenhead Naval Reserve

The Naval Reserve at Birkenhead, completed in 2022, offers a well-equipped public space that includes an engaging playspace, half court, shelters, and a wide reserve area. Part of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and the State Government’s practical approach to stormwater management, the project has a budget of $3 million aimed at preventing flooding in the area during heavy rainfall.

Underneath the playspace and open areas, a hidden yet crucial stormwater management system and pump station work to temporarily store excess rainwater – effectively reducing the risk of flooding by holding the overflow water before gradually releasing it into the river.

The involvement of local community members in planting the new green spaces has been key to the project’s success, enhancing the connection between the reserve and those who use it.

Special features like a water play area with glow stones and a sandstone mound with a tunnel offer unique and simple fun for visitors. These elements, coupled with the site’s stormwater management capabilities, showcase the project’s balanced focus on both utility and community enjoyment, making the Naval Reserve a functional and welcoming space for Birkenhead residents.

CLIENT: City of Port Adelaide Enfield

LOCATION: Birkenhead, SA.

VALUE: $1.7 million


Collaborators: Birdseye Studios