Designed and Constructed by LCS Landscapes, the Hamilton Reserve Redevelopment Project, an integral part of the Council’s ambitious five-year beautification initiative, has revitalized a previously untouched portion of Vale Park. This area, known for its dryland grass and mature trees, has been transformed into a thoughtfully planned public reserve that sits harmoniously beside the River Torrens Linear Park.

Guided by the vision of The City of Walkerville council and enriched by community consultations, the project was underpinned with clear objectives. Central to this was the desire to foster a versatile open space, blending natural materials to weave seamlessly with the existing landscape. Beyond serving the local community, the reserve has been designed to cater to the broader users of the Linear Park and resonate with metropolitan Adelaide’s diverse populace.

Strategically located on Stewart Avenue, Hamilton Reserve celebrates its bond with the River Torrens Linear Park. This rejuvenation not only bolsters accessibility but also nurtures a sense of cohesion between these two green spaces. The deliberate preservation of Eucalyptus camaldulensis stands as a tribute to the region’s heritage, and the site’s unique topographical features, which subtly slope towards the river, further enrich the visitor experience, creating a natural, well considered project.

CLIENT: City of Walkerville

LOCATION: Vale Park, SA.

VALUE: $750,000+



– 2023 MLSA Awards of Excellence // Commercial Landscape Construction $500,000 – $1,000,000