Tonsley Stage 3 Streetscaping

LCS Landscapes partnered with Renewal SA to deliver the Stage 3 Tonsley streetscaping.

Tonsley became Australia’s first mixed use development to be awarded the prestigious 6 Star ‘World Leading’ Green Star – Communities certification. The sites landscaping contributed to this significantly, especially the streetscapes.

The public realm works surrounding and beyond the MAB included tree planting in custom Corten steel pits, and varied paving to direct pedestrian flow. The sophisticated employment Corten along with other new and recycled metals, concrete with off-form and high-exposed aggregate finishes and focused use of segmented pavers all contribute to the streetscape.

LCS also constructed the rain gardens which help catch and filter stormwater runoff from roads.

CLIENT: Renewal SA

LOCATION: Tonsley, SA.

VALUE: $2.7 million