Design & Construct Landscape Projects

LCS Landscapes has had a Design and Construct team for over fifteen years. This team has specialised in project work that focusses around quality design and construction outcomes. The Design and Construct team have the skills and expertise to work with clients to develop holistic design solutions and deliver it on ground from start to finish in a timely efficient process.

Some projects can benefit greatly from a design and construct approach. Some of these benefits are;

  • Our vast construction knowledge pairs with good design and sound construction.
  • Clients have direct contact with the Design and Construct team throughout the design phase, into construction and handover.
  • Our design ethos is around functionality and pragmatic design solutions. Constructability and quality finish are backed by our construction management and operations team to run these projects to agreed programme.
  • The Design and Construct team over many years have developed close working relationships with our internal construction teams, this translates to quality driven outcomes. Improved communication of design intent and quick decision making on site makes the Design and Construct model efficient in administering and superintending projects.

Delivery of Quality Projects

Our design and construct projects deliver on the high expectations set by our clients. Our ability to work closely with all stakeholders from initial site analysis and concept work through to design development, documentation, construction gives the Design and construct model of procurement a real advantage.

Our clients can be confident that all projects big and small are designed with rigour by an experienced team of Landscape Architects to ensure strong design, projects meet budget, constructability, compliance, and flexibility throughout all stages of the project.

The LCS Landscapes D&C Approach





This unique approach to delivery of quality landscapes has seen us work with Local Government, Schools both public and private, regional clients, civil contractors, Architects and Builders to deliver exceptional projects with true value for money.

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